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Dr. Stiff has been active in mathematics education for more than 30 years. He is known for his passion for helping all students learn more and better mathematics. He contributes to the field through his teaching, research, and service. Selected activities and awards included here reflect some of his interests and accomplishments.

Modeling good instruction is an ongoing focus of Dr. Stiff. He believes that quality instruction is based on the knowledge of best practice and research in the field. Recent courses taught by Dr. Stiff include:
1.  EMS 470: Methods and Materials for Teaching Mathematics
2.  EMS 472: Teaching Topics of High School Mathematics
3.  EMS 480: Teaching Mathematics with Technology
4.  EMS 512: Teaching Mathematics in Elementary and Junior High School
5.  EMS 770: Foundations of Mathematics Education

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Dr. Stiff has done research on effective teaching strategies in math, the use of problem solving vignettes in teaching the lowest performing students in math, and the use of technology in improving student achievement in math. Pictured is the 1999 NCTM yearbook for which he was the editor.

His current research projects include: (i) Examining uses of sensor devices as a foundation and motivation for middle and high school students to pursue careers in math, science, technology, and engineering; (ii) Investigating the role of data-driven decisions on course-taking opportunities in mathematics for all students, but especially for African American students; and (iii) Parental involvement in middle school mathematics homework.

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Dr. Stiff has served as a consultant in mathematics education for many school systems and universities across the United States. Recently, he has consulted with the Mathematics Department in the development of curricula for freshmen at Morehouse College in Atlanta; worked locally with math teachers and guidance counselors to enhance course-taking opportunities for all students; and served as curriculum developer, teacher,  and consultant for a middle grades intervention program at Duke University known as the SENSOR (Student Engineers Network: Strengthening Opportunities in Research) Saturday  Academy.

Dr. Stiff has participated in a wide variety of activities designed to promote mathematics education as a profession as well as the teaching and learning of school mathematics. He has often been recognized for his contributions to the teaching and learning of mathematics.

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