About Lee Stiff
NCSU Professor
Keynote Speaker
Textbook Author
NCTM President

Dr. Stiff was elected president of NCTM for the years 2000-2002. View his inaugural address as president of NCTM, recorded in Chicago at the Closing Session of NCTM’s 78th Annual Meeting.  

An important goal of his presidency was to provide clear leadership pursuant to the values espoused by ''Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.'' In his first presidential message, he insisted that NCTM lead the way to achieving ''More and Better Math'' for all students.   Throughout his term as president, Dr. Stiff's President's Messages shared a vision of what the Council must do in setting ''Higher Standards for Our Students...and Higher Standards for Ourselves.'' Frequently, that meant sharing his vision in a public forum. 

 Notable NCTM accomplishments during Dr. Stiff's presidency include:
1.  Reflections.
2.  Memorandum of Collaboration with ANPM.
3.  ON-Math, Online Journal of School Mathematics.
4.  The New NCTM Logo.